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"Revolutionize the way the world thinks about personal hygiene"

Ösprayhygiene was founded by UNC Chapel Hill alumni, Greg Foreman.

"During my junior year in college I discovered I had irritable bowel syndrome or IBS for short.

My experience with IBS included frequent bathroom trips that always seemed to happen at the most inconvenient times such as during class, at work or before going out. This caused me to become uncomfortable in my own skin as I didn't feel as clean as I wanted too. I wasn't ready.

this was a huge issue as I spent a majority of my time away from my dorm and thus away from a bathroom. I learned a hard lesson. No matter where you are your stomach and digestive system never stops working. This created a huge problem with feeling clean and fresh after using public bathrooms especially since the toilet paper is terrible. As a response, I created Öspray, a personal cleansing spray formulated to create an extraordinary experience only fit for a king."

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How To Use

You Are Royalty, Treat Yourself Like IT

Öspray transforms your toilet paper into a truly flushable hygiene wipe. Spray our unique personal cleanser blended with micellar water and organic ingredients onto toilet tissue or directly on skin and gently clean your perineal and personal areas.

Social Responsibility

The War On Flushable Wipes

Öspray is an eco-friendly alternative to flushable wipes. 

Except, wipes labled "flushable" aren't really flushable. These wipes are destroying sewage systems domestically and internationally. 

According to BBC UK, no flushable wipes currently sold in the country have passed water industry tests. Furthermore, Wet wipes are behind up to 80% of blockages in UK sewers. This has lead the creation of fatbergs, or giant lumps of wet wipes that municipality workers  are tasked with cleaning. 

It is estimated to costs £100m a year to deal with them.

Flushable wipes have a broader environmental impact due to them containing tiny plastic fibres which go on to harm fish and other marine life as the fibres are released and ingested, sometimes with deadly consequences.

In addition, the plastic fibres might then go on to be consumed by other animals potentially entering the human food chain.

Because Öspray is designed to be applied to toilet paper it is 100% sewage safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Öspray? 

A: Öspray (pronounced uh-spray) is greatest bathroom product ever invented. It is a toilet tissue moisturizer. A bidet in a bottle. Essentially, you spray our  proprietary bottom cleaning solution to a standard toilet paper and it turns into an instant flushable wipe. Crazy idea right? 

Q. What are the ingredients? 

A: Distilled Aqua, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Fragrance, Organic Vegetable Glyercine, Propylene Glycol, Witch Hazel, Potassium Sorbate, Anthemis nobilis (Roman Chamomile) Water, Aloe Vera Organic Oil (Glycine soja (Organic Soybean) Oil, Aloe vera (Organic Aloe) Powder, Tocopherols (Vitamin E) Oil), Citric Acid

Q: Will my toilet paper tear?

A: Our fine mist sprayer is designed to lightly wet toilet paper over a wide area. When used as directed (2-3 sprays) your toilet paper should not tear.  

Q: What's the cooling sensation I get after I wipe? 

A: That is the sensation of superior hygiene. That's what having a clean bottom feels like. It's our proprietary blend of essential oils, botanical extracts, and aloe vera working to cleanse perineal and anus area after using the bathroom. 

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