Öspray: After-You-Go Personal Cleanser Travel Size 60 Uses

  • 1oz 60 uses
  • HOW ÖSPRAY WORKS - Simply spray our soothing mist onto folded toilet tissue, and experience the sensation of superior hygiene after-you-go. ÖSPRAY is equipped with a fine mist sprayer to avoid tissue breakage
  • WHY ÖSPRAY - It's simple. If you are still using dry toilet paper you are leaving behind fecal matter that can contribute to disease and unwanted smells fostering an uncomfortable experience. With Öspray you will not only be cleaner but you will feel cleaner. If not, we will refund you.
  • WHAT'S INSIDE - Our proprietary moisturizing formula is made with micellar water, organic aloe vera, & essential oils that create an extraordinary hygienic experience leaving you feeling squeaky clean.

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