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 "Change the way the world thinks about personal hygiene" - Greg Foreman 

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Imagine this: you’re rushing to class. It’s 7:56am - only 4 minutes until that 8:00am with the accounting professor. Everyone around you seems to be walking leisurely to their next class, however, you don’t have that luxury. You’re itchy, exhausted, and hopeless. To top it all off, you didn’t sleep in! In fact, you were up an hour early. However, you had to spend the past hour on the toilet with an upset stomach. It has now transformed into an uncomfortable chafe as you are trying to SPRINT to class in order to make it on time. It’s embarrassing to be late, because there is virtually no excuse! You were simply behind time and there is no way to explain that to your professor. This was my reality during my college years at Chapel Hill. I wasn’t ready.


Suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, I had to cope with the inconvenient reality of having to use the bathroom frequently and uncomfortably. 10 to 15 percent of Americans suffer from IBS, and cope with similar symptoms and inconveniences. That’s believe between 25 and 45 million people in the United States. About 2 in 3 IBS sufferers are female. About 1 in 3 IBS sufferers are male. IBS affects people of all ages, even children. Read more about IBS at IBS at here.


My experience with IBS included upset stomach I was forced to miss class, stuck on the toilet seat of a public restroom. The cheap, poorly textured toilet paper only contributed negatively to my experience. I had to constantly wipe, rub, and blot in order to make myself feel fresh. I was simply uncomfortable in my own skin.

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“I needed to upgrade my experience AFTER-I-GO”


I tried carrying around “flushable” wet wipes, however they were just large, inconvenient, and (as I later found out) terrible for the environment. Read more about the War On Flushable Wet Wipes. Since flushable wet wipes did not work, and I needed a solution, I decided to carry around a bottle of soapy water to spray in order to keep myself fresh and ready for the day.  I soon realized I was not only using my invention for impromptu bathroom trips, but also to stay fresh and clean in all personal areas of the body. It was it to wipe off sweat, wash my face on the go, and little uses that I never thought of before carrying it around. This is what makes Öspray so special, it’s a versatile product that everyone SHOULD use. I decided I needed to share my invention with the world; this is the beginning of Öspray.

.  flushable wipes, flushable wet wipes, Öspray After-You-Go, Micellar Water, Toilet Paper Spray

As Americans we are proud of our conservative traditions and values. This includes our butt wiping habits. We, and many other western countries, use dry toilet paper. However, allow me to pose to you several questions:

Do you wash your hands with just paper towels after you eat?

Do you wash your face without water when you wake up?

Do you wash your armpits with a dry cloth?

Absolutely not.

So why is it, that our butts are the only acceptable place to clean using dry objects?

The honest to God truth is that Western standards of wiping are unsanitary. This is the reality of American bathroom hygiene. Everyone has suffered from a case of itchy butt and smelly bottom. Both are very unpleasant experiences for us and, in some cases, the people around us. Besides, there is no way you can tell if you are truly clean from using dry toilet paper. Aggressively over-wiping to compensate can also lead to its own set of problems such as hemorrhoids, and bleeding. This leads us to one simple solution to this serious problem.  

Toilet paper spray, flushable wipes, flushable wet wipes, micellar water

"We must use moisture when we wipe."

Let us take a page out of the book of some other cultures. In many civilizations, such as Southeast Asia and Southern Europe, water is used for anal cleansing. Using a jet, bidet, or most commonly, splashed and washed with the hand, relief is closer than ever imaginable. This can be followed up by drying using a cloth towel or toilet paper.

 ÖsprayHygiene is based on the principles of thinking differently and, most importantly, staying ready. Staying ready for work. Staying ready for school. Staying ready for your significant other. Staying ready for that meeting you have in 20 minutes. Staying ready for anything your body may throw at you. I wanted to own a part of my life that at times felt out of my control. I wanted to own my throne. Ospray has allowed me to take my life back. Our products are designed to combine the best practices from different cultures and make them convenient for consumers all over the world in order to improve overall hygiene. We will continue to innovate with one purpose in mind:

 flushable wipes, Öspray, flushable wet wipes, micellar water, toilet paper spray, Are flushable wipes really flushable,

"Stay Ready"


-Founder and CEO, Greg Foreman